The best known, and certainly the most valuable, monuments of medieval art in Bosnia and Herzegovina are the stećaks. Stećaks are monumental gravestones of Bosnian Bogomils, usually stone monoliths of varying shapes and sizes.

Bogomils were members of the Bosnian Church, but according to the official Roman Church - they were heretics and traitors of the "right" faith. The Bogomils Church did not recognize the Catholic (or the Orthodox) Church, the Pope or the sacraments. The Bogomils considered the Catholic Church as Satanic. In their beliefs and teachings they were dualists who believed in a constant struggle between the good and the evil, God and the divine on one side, and Satan and the satanic on the other.

The Bosnian Bogomil tombstones are unique and a world phenomenon. They are the "living" proof of the religious affiliation of the medieval Bosnian man, his literacy and art, and his way of life. Stećaks are written in Cyrillic Bosančica.

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Zemaljski muzej

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