Built iin the 17th century from Ghazi Husrev Bey's endowment fund. The time shown on the clock is "a'la Turka", which means that twelve o'clock is exactly at the time of the sunset. According to hijra (the Islamic calendar) time measuring, a new day always begins exactly at the moment of sunset. As everyday corrections are necessary, due to the unequal day length, next to the Sahat-kula, a special institution with basic astronomic instruments (muvekithana) was built.

Due to Muslim custom of praying five times a day, the clock towers were built in the cities of the Ottoman Empire. Sarajevo's Sahat-kula was one ot the tallest and the most beautiful in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Just as a number of significant structures, the Sahat-kula was caught in fire in 1697, when Eugene of Savoy set the city on fire, and again in 1762.


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Zemaljski muzej

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