One of the oldest cemeteries is located at the top of Kovači. For some time during the past, the entire neighborhood was named after that cemetery - the Mekabir (cemetery) Neighborhood. A few tombstones are preserved until today. Their shape, cuts and signs prove them to date back from the 15th century, actually the first decades of the Ottoman rule.

The large cemetery above Kovači, between the Jekovac and Širokac streets, today's Šehidsko mezarje is only a part of the complex of the once huge necropolis. Sarajevans were buried at this cemetery since the 15th century until the Austro-Hungarian occupation in 1878, when it was turned into a park. Unfortunately, it was used again in 1992, when the Serbian aggression on B&H and Sarajevo took place. The soldiers who defended Sarajevo and were killed around it, were buried in these cemeteries also. From that time on, the cemetery was calles the Šehid's cemetery. Alija Izetbegović, the first president of the independent Bosnia and Herzegovina was buried in this cemetery in 2003.

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Zemaljski muzej

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