It is the cannons bastion and an army building. Built in the first half of the 18th century, it was a part of the fortress system of the Vratnik city. For centuries, the Bijela tabija was devastated several times and rebuilt. The Austro-Hungarian fortificators gave it its last appearance. It was used as dungeon, barracs, baruthana (gun powder storage) and the vault. It was a defense post during the invasion of Eugene of Savoy in 1697, and the battles the city led against the Austro-Hungarian troops in 1878. After the aggression in 1992-1995, the revitalization of the Bijela tabija started.

During the summer months its attractive location is turned into an art stage where theatrical and music performances take place. During the month of ramadan, the cannons fire from the city walls, and sometimes even from the Bijela tabija, indicating the time of "sehur" and "iftar" (last meal and first meal during a day of fasting).

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Zemaljski muzej

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