Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Professor Zikrija Avdagić, PhD - Project Coordinator

Selma Rizvić, PhD - Project Vice Coordinator

Aida Sadžak, BScEE - Researcher

Emir Buza, BScEE
- Researcher


BH Telecom

Nedim Džaferović, MsC - Executive Director,
Executive Directorate for Data Transfer Network Services

Sanin Kahvedžić, BScEE - Researcher

Ronald Majurić - Researcher

The old town of Sarajevo, Baščaršija, is a very attractive location full of cultural heritage objects.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, in collaboration with BH Telecom, are presenting this location through Internet. The user is provided by panoramic photographs, video walkthrough files of the streets, the stories about the particular objects and events, so as the complete virtual model of Baščaršija, with possibllity of moving through by VRML browser.

A collection of cultural heritage object models is also presented at the site.

All used texts have been taken from the book 'Sarajevo - the tourist-historic guide by Majo Dizdar'.

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